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tranquilneedles whispered: *Closes in and smooshes his cheeks for a peck on the forehead*

*Even with his face squished like that, he visibly brightens.*

Elsa!!! My face is covered in stickers, look!!!

privatemaxwell whispered: What do my rugged good looks have to do wizh me being in zhe luggage rack? *adds some more stickers to his own face* Now I'm prettier zhan you.

Well, ma always told me that people used to believe the birthing place adds some sort of weird effect on babies. Like you, with horses.

S’a joke.

And you look like a walking picture book, how is that supposed to count as pretty. Bv

toptroublemaker whispered: The note is left on the Scout's bed once again, for once he's taken a break from the weird hiding spots. "You have wonderful taste in boyfriends, I'd go so far as to even say the /best/." 8/14

*Snorts, then folds the offending piece of paper to put it away.*

You’re my first boyfriend, moron.

*His face is a beet red.*

privatemaxwell whispered: I wouldn't know. I zhink we rode a train. I was in zhe luggage rack, so I'm pretty sure it was a train.

Really? With that horse face of yours? 

*Pries off a sticker and puts that on the older man’s cheek, in a fit of revenge.*

toptroublemaker whispered: This time the note would be hidden under the pillow. "I like your freckles, very attractive." 7/14

*If he hadn’t been grumpily throwing his stuff around, he wouldn’t have found the note where it was hidden. Just in time, too— he’s been secretly waiting for this little break even before the events of the day turned sour.

Sniffles. Then proceeds to look for his box to add the note in with the rest.*

toptroublemaker whispered: This time the note is stuck to the back of the Scout's door. "Names/Nicknames with around four letters in them are the best kind and only the most attractive people have them, clearly." 6/14

You’re gettin’ there, hun.

*Plucks the note from its place, but not before checking his surroundings for anyone who might accidentally walk in on him smiling goofily at a piece of paper.*

privatemaxwell whispered: I was being adorable before you were even born. *puts more stickers on him*

Yeah, back when people still rode carriages to get to places.

*Starts blowing at the Soldier’s hand, like that would make a difference.*

anemone-gale-deactivated2014041 whispered: She ruffled his hair and wrapped her arms around his neck, rubbing their cheeks together.

*Alex yelps, but the sound is cut short when he immediately sees who it is. It’s then that he wraps her in a welcoming hug of his own.*

Annie-anne! Aw man, I missed you lots too!

ohsoldiahmysoldiah whispered: Rolls in here to bother Alex.



Alan! You’re still around!!!

privatemaxwell whispered: Are you calling your Mutti a liar?

*What does Mutti even mean, reads the scowl on Alex’s face. He hits the Soldier on the arm one more time.*

No, I’m just sayin’ you’re provin’ her wrong. Or are you just tryin’ to be adorably annoying like I am? B|

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